About Us

“In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal”

                                                           – Bill Bernbach

In today’s world, where one prefers to have everything at a single click, the hassle of going through various search engines and advertising magazines for knowing the best place where you can get an article is a major dislike. In a market where hundreds of consumers goods with different brands are produced, the consumers may not even know as to how many varieties and brands of goods are available. There is a need to make the prospects aware of the product they want and its brand.

Dlf City Yellow Pages – Shopper’s Guide was launched in July 2003 to cater to such needs of the residents of Dlf City and Sushant Lok. From an Air Conditioner to Carpenter, Plumber to Pest Control Services, or a Doctor to a Tutor, the residents get all the details of any services they want on a single platform, with all the contact details. Completing its 13 years successfully, this shopper’s guide has been expanding its outreach every year with all the detailed information of all sectors of sales. Initially circulated free of cost in the areas of DLF phase I-V and Sushant Lok, the sectors of HUDA, Sohna Road and most of the upcoming areas of Gurgaon, this guide is now available online, since July 2016, for the easier access by a larger part of this ever growing city. This shall also benefit its clients by increasing the extent of the publicity that their products or services will get.

We’ve come a long way by God’s grace, the cooperation of the advertisers, our clients, and most importantly, by the faith that has been placed in us by the residents of Gurgaon by the expectations they have from us. We hope to come out well on these expectations by online way of advertising.